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About Us

About the Company

Alemdar Engineering Company was established in 2009 to serve in the fields of
project design, contracting, subcontracting, operation and maintenance and consultancy
in the electrical and mechanical sectors in Turkey and abroad.

In the contracting services; our company specialized in industrial and commercial
buildings such as hotels, residances, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, factory,
power plant, etc.

We serves about consulting, project design, high voltage operation responsibility,
energy management, periodic electrical mesaurements and controls to all kind of
buildings, campuses, infrastructure and industrial project with our specialist staff.

Alemdar Engineering has been growing rapidly in the sector with the principle of
quality service and mutual trust that it provides to its customers since the day it
was founded.

In order to maintain the quality of the work we do, it is our top priority to keep the
technical competence, work ethic, teamwork and moral motivation of our employees
at the highest level.

Our main goal is to continue to provide the best service and to be at the top of the
sector in the projects we will commit.


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